“We are able to reach thousands of young people

interested in nursing with a Spark livestream broadcast”

Spark is a unique careers platform that connects employers with people looking for a new career using 15 minute livestream broadcasts.

Employers are facing challenges across all sectors nationally and globally.  Rapid advances in technology mean that the workforce of today will look very different in ten years’ time.

On a national level the government has implemented the Employer Levy which creates a new dynamic for employers - how best to engage and attract potential apprentices?  
In addition, employers are facing an increasing demand to meet projected skill shortages, demonstrate a diverse workforce and adapt to market changes. 

Spark helps employers reduce skill shortages by ensuring they reach and engage with thousands of interested, potential future employees.

Why Spark?

Reach thousands of young people live
Spark is used by hundreds of schools and careers professionals throughout the country giving you direct access to thousands of young people.
A Spark webinar gives access to thousands of young people over 12 months of recruitment for the cost of attending a single careers fair.
15 minutes of attention
A Spark webinar is 15 minutes long so it gives you an opportunity to deliver detailed messages and get more engagement from young people.
Talent Pipeline
At the end of the broadcast young people can apply or request more information giving you a pipeline of interested young people.
12 months of recruitment
Your Spark webinar is available online for 12 months after you first broadcast.
Social Media
This is where young people are - your live broadcast can be promoted on social media to maximise reach.

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