The Careers App that gives employers unique access to a highly engaged audience of thousands of young people.

The Spark Careers App is used by thousands of students in hundreds of schools and colleges across the UK giving them unique career opportunities and information in the palm of their hand.

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After the extraordinary upheaval of the pandemic, the UK’s existing chronic skills shortage has become a critical problem. Employers are having to meet not only the challenges such shortages create, but also the demands of  the changing shape of the workforce and the increasing corporate social responsibility it brings with it.

So Spark can help employers:

Reach thousands of young people - tomorrow’s workforce

Minimum of disruption

Identify a potential talent pipeline

Change Perceptions

Raise Brand Awareness

Meet Corporate Social Responsibility

Spark gives employers unprecedented access to thousands of young people

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“For NHS England this was a good thing. We are able to reach many many students and hopefully encourage them to choose Midwifey as a career”


Prof. Jacquline Dunkley-Bent, Chief Midwifery Officer, NHS England

Reach thousands of young people
Tomorrow’s workforce

Spark affords employers the means to connect with Generation Z via what has become their medium of choice.  


Professionally produced livestreamed broadcasts can highlight opportunities and showcase young achievers; included microsites can detail skills requirements and opportunities to learn and grow; live contacts can link with company HR and any Stem ambassadors and work experience opportunities can be included plus any additional information.

This ensures a uniquely personalised experience is available for all interested students.


Minimum of disruption.

Powerful App technology gives a highly efficient, non-disruptive way of reaching young people wherever they are, irrespective of geographical location. This ensures a uniquely personalised experience is available for all interested students.


Identify a potential talent pipeline

The Spark App enables employers to identify a talent pipeline and establish links with potential future employees.

This is important because the sectors that young people aspire to work in differ greatly from the jobs available. C that include employer engagement, have aspirations that are, on the whole, better connected to the labour market;


Change Perceptions

Research has shown that meeting people from the world of work helps to broaden young people’s horizons and tackle the ingrained stereotypical views students often have about the jobs people do based on their gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.


Raise Brand Awareness

Spark provides an opportunity to showcase young achievers within your organisation as role models, highlight training available, investment in young people and a positive brand image that will attract young people.


Meet Corporate Social Responsibility

Spark helps employers deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility, which can bring a variety of competitive advantages to the organisation.


Employers will be contributing to social mobility as part of the ‘levelling up agenda’ by engaging with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and remote geographic locations making a positive contribution to society and supporting community cohesion; increasing student motivation and raising attainment and aspiration.


Everyone loves the Spark App, hear what people say

The App that ticks all the boxes for Employers


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