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At the start of a shooting project, most amateurs want to use a single camera angle and format. It’s a good beginning to start with one of those two choices, since the working process is the same no matter what. But there are certain advantages to starting with a different setup, such as shooting a scene from the side, moving to the side, or shooting with a wide-angle lens. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a full understanding of what those choices are, and how they can affect your image quality. Using your image editing software, crop the image to remove any distracting content, such as hair, clothing, etc. Then, to bring back the image’s highlights and shadows, use a photo manipulation program to adjust the brightness, contrast, and shadows to a usable level. Adjust the color, tone, and saturation, and export your image as a JPEG to email, post on your social media, and more. The results of this image editing tutorial are shown below. 3. Fill the BackgroundWith just a little creativity, you can use a wide-angle lens to provide more depth in your photos. For this example, I used a 30-90mm lens, the closest I could get to the full moon (100mm equivalent) in order to demonstrate how a simple tweak of angle and focus can bring a background out of the blackness of space. To get the effect shown below, I photographed the Milky Way and then masked out the sky using a combination of photo editing software and my camera’s built-in masking feature. 4. Establish the MomentA core aspect of any creative endeavor is to identify the exact moment you’re trying to capture. A good way to do this is to take a photo from a slightly different angle. This will allow you to capture the moment you want, but keep the scene from becoming two-dimensional. 5. Keep an Eye on the TimeOf all the things you should consider when taking a picture, time is always a good one. Even if you are photographing a scene that is in constant motion (and who isn’t?), do your best to capture the moment perfectly. When choosing an action shot, you’ll want to choose one that is dynamic in nature, but also one that will not be completely out of focus in post-processing. In this image, I chose to shoot an airport terminal door being opened. This allowed for action,



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