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How to Remove a Kitchen Faucet Aerator

In order to get a better grip on the aerator, you should first unscrew the unit. It will come off easily when you work in a counterclockwise direction. To remove the aerator, you can use pliers. They should have rubber grippers to avoid scratching the spout. You can also use masking tape to protect the spout.

Remove an aerator

Usually, you can remove an aerator without a special tool. You can use a screwdriver or other similar object to unscrew the aerator. The aerator in a pull-down sprayer faucet can be unscrewed with the help of water pressure. If you are not able to turn the aerator with the help of water pressure, use a wrench to remove the aerator.

The aerator is made up of several small parts: a rubber washer, a casing, and a small screen. Once you have removed the aerator, it will be easier to clean it. Simply dip it in vinegar to clean the metal parts and get rid of any mineral deposits. Then, you can reassemble it in the same order. If this wasn't possible, you can try using a brush to scrub the pieces.

Use a hex wrench

If you don't have a wrench, you can use a hex wrench to remove the set screw holding the aerator in place. Take care not to overtighten the screw. Before removing the aerator, make sure that the water is not on. If there is a leak, you should turn off the water. If you have any difficulty removing the aerator, you can call a plumber.

If the aerator is on the outside of the faucet, you may need to use pliers or a vice grip. You may also need a rubber wrench to remove the aerator. If the aerator is "hidden," then you will need a small aerator key to unscrew it. The aerator key can be purchased at a home improvement store, online, or from the manufacturer of your faucet. Make sure to provide the make and model of the soap dispenser gold when requesting the aerator key.

Remove a faucet aerator

Whether the aerator is corroded or clogged, a weak water flow can be the cause of a clogged aerator. Luckily, replacing the aerator is easy and doesn't take more than 5 minutes. If you've got the tools and know-how to remove a faucet aerator, you'll be up and running in no time.

Once you've found the aerator, remove the screws holding it onto the spout. You'll find these screws underneath the spout or at some point on the neck of your faucet. Be careful not to drop them into the sink! Gently pull the aerator upward to remove it. Remember to wipe your hands dry before attempting to remove it. Otherwise, it might break off.

Use the right tool

When removing an aerator, make sure you're using the right tool. Sometimes an aerator is hidden inside the sprayhead and requires a tool to remove it. To prevent this, you should remove the aerator with an adjustable wrench. Make sure to line up the flats with the spray face when you use this wrench. Avoid using any other tools to remove the aerator as they can cause damage to the spray face.


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