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“Spark is unbelievable, it’s completely free and

helps us deliver on the Gatsby Benchmarks”

Helps schools deliver on Gatsby with employer engagement

Good career guidance is critical if people are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them.

Everyone needs high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future.


Through a comprehensive, inclusive programme of live, high quality, employer delivered live stream broadcasts, we aim to promote greater equality and social mobility for everyone, irrespective of geographical location or type of educational institutions.

The programme is free for all registered careers professionals, schools, colleges and individuals regardless of age, aptitude or ability.

Just a few reasons why schools and colleges use Spark

Direct access to employers
Spark gives people looking for a career live direct access to some of the country's leading employers and careers.
Completely Free 
Spark is completely free to schools and colleges. We believe in free access for all.
Spark webinars are short, interesting, interactive and engaging.
Open the mind
They help ‘open the mind’ of young people to careers they didn’t think were available to them.
Gatsby Benchmarks
Spark helps achieve employer engagement as part of the Gatsby Benchmarks.
Improve Performance 
Employer engagement can help to develop a more positive attitude to school; reducing their chances of becoming NEETs.

Nursing Careers Live Broadcast


Learn about a career in Nursing

hosted by Dr. Alex George

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