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Welcome to Spark+

The careers service for students with SEND. 
Helping every young person find their next best step.

Spark+ is a unique careers service that combines CEIAG education delivered by our team of SEND specialist careers advisors with the Spark Careers App. The service is specifically designed to support students with SEND, home-educated students, and those who cannot access mainstream careers guidance.

Why we created the Spark + service

  • Only 6% of students with SEND end up with meaningful employment although 65% want a paid job (Mencap).

  • Those who face the most barriers benefit most from careers education: these students are often not in school to access it or are taught in Learning Support Units by Teaching Assistants.

  • Students with SEND are unable to access traditional work experience and employer engagement events.

  • Careers advisors work with students on rotation and do not establish trusting relationships.


What does Spark+ careers and transitions education deliver?


Careers guidance within SEND should integrate students’ understanding of postschool options, with support and advice through a creative careers education that highlights opportunities and helps to develop confidence with change and self-awareness.

  • an innovative and personalised approach to career planning and future readiness, it addresses the key areas of Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning and Social, Emotional and Mental Health within the SEND Code of Practice, whilst supporting students to be prepared for key transitions.​

  • a virtual, live-learning careers programme that addresses students needs, facilitates encounters with places of work, employers and employees, as well as with places of further and higher education.

  • highly trained staff that encourage and empower young people to make informed decisions about their learning and career pathways, whilst helping schools achieve real results and evidence of progression towards the Eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

What's included in the Spark+ careers programme?

The Spark+ careers programme is designed to support students with SEND and offers a range of valuable resources tailored to each student's needs.

Fortnightly careers tutorials

For students in Years 9 to 11, we provide fortnightly careers tutorials that utilise high-quality bespoke resources.

1:1 sessions with our specialist staff

Additionally, our students have the opportunity for regular 1:1 sessions with our specialist staff, ensuring personalised attention and support.


Delivered by our team of specialist SEND careers advisors


What sets Spark+ apart is our team of qualified careers advisors who possess extensive experience in teaching careers and preparing students with SEND for transition.


Through our online programme, we foster positive self-identity, build confidence, and promote good mental health, all while meeting the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Meeting students with SEND where they are at.
Spark+ is enabled by the Spark Careers App.

More than 90% of students have smartphones.


The Spark Careers App gives students unique access to:

  • Direct messaging with their specialist tutor/advisor.

  • Live, SEND-specific employer engagement events in which they can participate.

  • Differentiated employment information supported with icons and images for SEND students.

  • Latest Labour Market Information (LMI).

  • Local college courses and information.


Spark+ helps students with SEND...

  1. Understand what employers are looking for and what jobs really involve.

  2. Discover more about entry routes into employment.

  3. Gain experience of work and develop employability skills.

  4. Develop communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence.

  5. Explore creative career ideas linked to current areas of growth and pupil interest.

Spark+ helps schools...

  1. Deliver activities designed to fit easily into the curriculum, effectively mapped to learning outcomes.

  2. Meet the Gatsby benchmarks and careers strategy objectives.

  3. Build capacity to embed encounters with employers into the curriculum.

  4. Provide development opportunities for staff to learn from experienced SEND/careers professionals.

  5. Engage high-quality teaching capacity without employing additional staff.

  6. Facilitate interactions with parents and carers to increase understanding of post-school routes for students with SEND.

  7. Deliver on Preparation for Adulthood and EHCP outcomes.

Spark+ helps communities...

  1. Improve social mobility, diversity, and inclusion by bringing new opportunities to students.

  2. Increase awareness of SEND within local businesses.

  3. Help employers to work with local talent and build a more diverse workforce.


“I was immediately blown away by the thought that has gone into the programme and the level of support that is on offer to young people with additional needs. The taught lessons allow students to work through a workbook which ultimately could lead to an AIM award. What I particularly liked was the link between careers and the four areas of need”


Mr R Topley, SENCO, The Bolsover School

Next Steps

Spark+ is here to empower students with SEND, providing them with the guidance, knowledge, and tools they need to navigate their future with confidence and success.

Pleaese book a call with our team today to learn more about how Spark+ can transform careers education for your students with SEND.


Together, let's ignite the spark that will light up their future.

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