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Spark+ Careers Service for SEND
helps young people take their next best step

Spark+ is a unique careers service for students with SEND that combines the Spark Careers App with 1:1 CEIAG education delivered by our team of specialist SEND-trained careers advisors helping prepare young people with SEND for their future.


The service is available for students wherever they live in the UK

as it is App enabled with virtual 1:1 sessions with advisors.

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“Congratulations on developing a programme for young people whose potential has been overlooked for too long’”

John Yarhem, Deputy CEO, Careers and Enterprise Company


"Every individual possesses unique talents to contribute. Failing to provide adequate career education for young people with special needs is a missed opportunity to tap into a wellspring of potential that could enrich our workplaces and communities." Richard Branson

And yet:

  • Only 6% of SEND students end up in meaningful employment, despite 65% aspiring to have a paid job.

  • Many of those facing the most barriers to careers education are often not in school to access it or are taught by inadequately trained staff


Our young people deserve better– it is time to take action

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Specialised careers information, advice, and guidance (CEIAG) for students with SEND are essential to ensure they have access to the same opportunities as their peers and can achieve their full potential in the workforce. It breaks down barriers to employment, promotes inclusion and diversity, and advances their future.

Students with SEND have unique needs, abilities, and strengths that may not be easily recognised or understood through traditional careers education. Specialised careers advice can help identify these strengths and abilities and provide guidance on how they can be applied to future careers.

Our Vision

At Spark+ we are driven by our belief in the wonderful diversity of human talent and the potential of every individual to realise their dreams and make a positive impact on society when given the right opportunities and support. We are wholly committed to  ensuring all young people have access to the best transition and careers support.

We believe that positive, personalised careers and transitions education improves motivation, well-being, and mental health, whilst guiding young people to navigate the opportunities open to them.

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The Spark+ Programme

Spark+ revolutionises careers education for young people with SEND and offers:


A full online careers programme designed and delivered by SEND experts in careers and teaching.

Fortnightly live, teacher-led tutorials providing a package of careers education that equates to 16 x 50-minute careers lessons over the year.

A termly events programme delivering meaningful, real-life online encounters in a safe and supported way, ensuring SEND students and remote learners, are able to access and engage with new and unfamiliar people in a way that suits them.

A direct messaging service in our App that means pupils can access their dedicated careers advisor during allocated slots and throughout the school year. Inversely, the advisor can contact students with details of appropriate opportunities such as open days, check-ins after important events and offer encouragement when needed.

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The Spark+ App


The Spark+ App ensures geography is no obstacle and that the programme is genuinely inclusive.

With over 90% of students owning smartphones, the Spark Careers App provides students with links to:


a unique termly events programme which delivers meaningful, real-life online encounters in a safe and supported way, ensuring SEND students and remote learners, are able to access and engage with new and unfamiliar people in a way that suits them. (include a link to autism event)

their dedicated careers advisor during allocated slots meeting times and throughout the school year through a direct messaging service. Inversely, the advisor can contact students with details of appropriate opportunities such as open days, check-ins after important events and offer encouragement when needed.

full LMI (Labour Market Information), college courses and jobs and apprenticeship vacancies

Schools, colleges and other providers will have access to a full analytics dashboard that will allow them to monitor student activity and drill down to the individual user.

We are actively exploring the latest technologies that we believe, when integrated into the app, will significantly benefit young people

The Spark+ App is set to become the most powerful, SEND-specific careers tool ever, all in the palm of the hand!

How Spark+ transforms young people’s lives

Spark+ helps young people with SEND:


Plan for a successful future as early as possible, this includes support to help them develop the right skills, access the right experiences and achieve the relevant qualifications or grades.

Have a sense of control and freedom over their life choices.

Feel prepared for transitions in academic, vocational and social contexts.

Aspire to have a level of independence in their living arrangements which suits their needs and helps to make them feel safe.

Sustain positive relationships with those around them and the community they live in.

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Our programme is written by a SEND Specialist teacher and level 7 Careers Advisor. They have developed a three-year curriculum that is highly differentiated, neuro-affirming and strengths-based, whilst covering essential CEIAG topics such as recognising skills and qualities in themselves, understanding job adverts, creating a CV and preparing for an interview.


Learn more about our resources

Spark+ is the catalyst for dreams, inclusivity, and life-changing opportunities. Join us in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all young people.

So, to summarise -  Why Spark+?

Spark+ is dedicated to empowering young individuals with Special Educational Needs, Health Needs, and Disabilities to navigate their path to success. In the UK, just 6% of such students find meaningful employment despite 65% aspiring to it. Many face barriers accessing career education, often learning in specialised units with teaching assistants.

Spark+ addresses these challenges by providing specialised careers guidance tailored to their unique needs. Our goal is to break down barriers, promote inclusion, and unlock their potential.

We believe in the power of diversity and individual potential to make a positive impact on society. Our Spark+ Programme includes an online careers programme designed by specialist teachers in special needs education, live teacher-led tutorials, real-life online encounters, and direct messaging with dedicated careers advisors through the Spark+ App.

This transformative approach empowers young people to plan for a successful future, gain independence, and thrive in their communities.


It's also a valuable resource for schools, the home educated, alternative education providers, and Local Authorities, ensuring equal access to career opportunities and comprehensive careers guidance.

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“I was immediately blown away by the thought that has gone into the programme and the level of support that is on offer to young people with additional needs. The taught lessons allow students to work through a workbook which ultimately could lead to an AIM award. What I particularly liked was the link between careers and the four areas of need”


Mr R Topley, SENCO, The Bolsover School

Next Steps – Book a call with our SEND team

At Spark+ we understand that every student and organisation is unique. That's why we can tailor the services to meet your specific needs.


Our pricing is designed to make sure as many as possible can benefit.

Book a Call: Please use the button below to book a video call on Zoom or Teams with one of our team who will answer any questions and provide you with pricing and funding options.


Alternatively if you prefer simply contact us and one of the team will be in touch. 

Together we will make a difference to young lives

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