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Live Streamed Employer Engagement Careers Events

Streamed online to hundreds of schools and colleges across the country with a live employer panel answering questions from students.

Enabling employers and professional bodies to engage with thousands of young people to promote careers.


Providing hundreds of schools and colleges with Gatsby 5 Employer Engagement.

Giving young people careers opportunities and information to help choose their dream career.

Live Employer Engagement with Nationwide Accident Repair

Live Streamed at 9.10am on Friday 14th February, 2020

Live from Aston University Engineering Academy

Racing Driver and TV Presenter Rebecca Jackson hosts an employer panel including apprentices 

answering live questions from students on careers in motor body technology.

Hear what people say 







Young People get to learn all about different careers in free, short, engaging and live online event featuring members of staff from the industry. They get to engage directly with the employer and ask questions.

Employers and Professional Bodies get to engage live with thousands of young people and tell them all about career opportunities available in their industry or organisation. They can also offer work experience or encourage people to get in touch to find out more.
The service is completely
free for schools, colleges, universities and careers professionals to offer as a careers resource and as the events are live they count towards employer engagement in the Gatsby Benchmarks.

What is a Spark live streamed careers event?

A Spark live streamed careers event and broadcast tells you everything you need to know about a particular career.


They’re usually 30 minutes long and are a live panel answering questions about that career from students around the country.


They feature members of staff from an employer telling you everything you need to know about that career choice and your options.

At the end of the live event you can ask request more information.

STEM Careers in the Submarine Service

Live Streamed on Tuesday 3rd December, 2019

Live from Furness Academy

Alex George from Love Island hosted a panel of young Royal  Navy Submariners  answering live questions from students on STEM Careers in the Royal Navy.

Automotive Technology Careers

Live Streamed on Tuesday 12th November, 2019

Live from UTC Reading

Racing Driver and TV Presenter Rebecca Jackson hosts a panel of BMW Apprentices  answering live questions from students on careers in automotive technology.

Midwifery Careers

Broadcast on Thursday 28th March

Live from Culcheth High School in Warrington

Dr. Alex George hosted a panel of working midwives including the newly appointed  Chief Midwifery Officer for England answering questions from schools on careers in midwifery.

Nursing Careers

Broadcast live to schools on Thursday December 6th 2018

Watch as Dr. Alex George hosts a panel of working nurses including the Chief Nursing Officer for England answering questions from schools on careers in Nursing.

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